“Toys are children’s words and play is their language”

- Garry Landreth

Therapeutic Play (Play Therapy)

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are play based interventions used for children instead of talking?

Children sometimes do not have the words to express what their bodies are feeling on the inside. By using play, we allow a child to express their inner workings and bring to the fore the difficulties that might be affecting them. It is a confidential space where they are able to fully be themselves without judgement which facilitates the process towards healing.


What can play based interventions (Play Therapy) help with?

Play based interventions can help children struggling with:

  • Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Sexual)
  • ADHD
  • Anger
  • Attachment Issues
  • Autistic Spectrum
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Bereavement / Loss
  • Bullied / Bullies
  • Communication Problems
  • Delayed Development
  • Nightmares
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Poor School Attendance
  • Self-Esteem
  • Separated / Divorced Parents
  • Social Exclusion
  • Trauma
  • Under performing (Academically, Socially, Culturally)
  • Withdrawn Personality

What is the cost of therapeutic play?

Counselling sessions for children using therapeutic play techniques are R450 per session.


How many sessions are needed for therapeutic play?

Each child is different, but in general 9-12 Sessions are usually recommended.

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